Part 13 – The Enemy in the Land

Part 13 – The Enemy in the Land

Comment by Dennis Wise:
Some people are missing the point of the opening 5 or 6 minutes of this video. As is stated at the beginning. It is showing what the Zionists have done to countries not only who lost World War Two, but also to the ones who won the war.

No one can possibly deny that the Zionists are using mass immigration as a humanitarian excuse to finish off white Europeans. This is not a Muslim bashing message, but the Muslims from Africa and the Middle East are being used successfully as a weapon of war. When the Communist governments of Denmark and Sweden, who trust me are all for keeping their borders open, yet have had to close them temporarily only today. Then it must really be bad.

The only “bashing” in this video is aimed at the Communists, but to ignore, deny or defend the damage being done by Muslims from Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East as just Zionist propaganda is naive. There are plenty of videos on youtube showing young Muslim migrants, rioting and shouting their clear intentions on arrival in their country of choice. Especially when the Zionist mainstream media refused to show them at the time.

To those who accuse me of playing the Zionist game. I am sure the intention was not to get me laughing… but trust me I am. LOL

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